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Creating A Daily Journal Page

by Amy Marson 10 Mar 2024 0 Comments

This is a blog post by @mrscplans Follow Helen for more amazing daily planner spreads.

Since my online journey began I have been asked, almost daily, how I create my pages and I always say that I don’t ever have a plan. When I purchase things I do not do it with a specific plan for page layouts or the blank pages I have to fill. It just always seems to come together. I can NEVER take any credit because all of the colours, creativeness and cuteness comes from the stationery (sticker, pens and washi tapes) that I have purchased. 

So, I thought I would use this opportunity to show you in a ‘step by step’ how I created a layout using THE cutest stationery. I hope that this will help to show you how easy it is for a page to come together and inspire you to get journaling. This spread contains goodies from an order I made recently from Suteki Stickers. I went with a wonderful Care Bears theme using the Pipsticks collection. 

The blank page can be a little bit overwhelming but I usually start with the top and bottom of the page because I find this gives me a frame to work in and it can instantly make the page less daunting. This time I used a range of tapes from the Pipsticks Care Bears Colourful Life Mega Washi Collection. I laid these on the top and bottom on the page. As I use this type of journal I find it covers the headings that I don’t use.

Then I decided to fill in the timeline with the cutest Care Bears Sticker Confetti and fill the other page with one of the Care Bears Vinyl Collection. I do sometimes think that I should make better use of these thicker vinyl stickers (stick on my laptop, notebooks etc.) but it makes me just as happy to stick them in my journal.

The page was big today, it was not the busiest day so I filled in my children’s sections with the G.O.A.T pen, Pentel Energel Clena. I have SO many of these pens. I had a bit of an addiction and was buying this fabulous pen in all of the different, limited edition, barrel designs but I do think that this plain one is super chic so I buy the refills to make sure they don’t go to waste. They write so smoothly and dry super quick. The 0.5 pen is definitely my favourite sized nib!

Next, I use my Kuretake Mild Dot Pens to fill in the blank spaces. I have to fill in all of the blank spaces on my page and these are super easy to fill in the spaces neatly and without overpowering the paper. On a side note, these are wonderful for creating ‘to do list’ check boxes on a blank page!

See, the spread is already starting to look full, colourful and fun and very little effort from me. It is so far all the stationery. Now the majority of the base is down I go in with some more colour to make the white page look more interesting. I LOVE Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens. They are so versatile. They are amazing for brush lettering, they highlight the lines AND if you pull the lid off at the end of the pen there is a fine tip felt tip pen. This really helps to coordinate the colours on the page and a one stop shop for page decor.

Then, the boring bit. I fill the page in with my daily thoughts, recounts and emotions. The page is then full and the day is over. I take a quick snap for Instagram and get it posted. I do use portrait mode on my phone (it blurs the background out!) but I do NOT use any filters. So this is the final spread. I hope this has inspired you to get creative, shown you how easy it is to create a colourful page and I hope you get as much joy, mindfulness and therapy as I do.

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